vessel detection & drone response


Delivering actionable intelligence on insights for any vessel

Copernicus Blue is a consortium of three companies, Lelieur BV, Ansur and Vake to  deliver near real-time vessel detections of non-cooperative and suspect ships. by using automated algorithms in satellite imagery and provide a drone response by combining early warning detections with fast response through guided (drone) patrols with high precision video streaming over a satellite connection (even in long rage low bandwidth environments) and fisheries inspection, it is now possible to collect intelligence and evidence of any activity happening near ports, shorelines and offshore installations. 




Satellite monitoring

Satellite-based monitoring offers an effective means for detecting IUU fishing and is in most cases viable, both technically and financially.

Machine learning and automatic recognition are some of the many exciting developments, that speed-up monotonous and dreadful task that would otherwise take weeks to now only several hours.

Oil slick detection, harmful algae blooms, coastal flooding, bilge dumps, and aquaculture facilities and maritime planning are some of the applications.

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Ing. Benoit Hellebuyck.

vake.aI - processing multispectral satellite images

We use machine learning to automatically detect ships in satellite images. The result of our sole maritime focus is in a specialized algorithm capable of generating training data. This makes us uniquely flexible in terms of dat a source, scalability, and the degree of human verification. Creating one-of-a kind maritime insight suited to your needs.

Shipdetection.EU​ - Modularised API's

AIS and satellite detected vessels geofencing, automated tracking and alerts in a GIS interface. Vessel database cross-referencing, Blockchain DLT decentralized database and payments. Marine intelligence API as add-on for virtual drone control towers to enhance marine drone operations with oversight of AIS/VMS/dark vessels and alerts for an all-in-one platform to have safe real-time, quick operational decisions and increased efficiency.

AnsuR.nO - Low bitrate video streaming

Real-time high precision video streaming using low bitrate in several mission-critical situations where visual situational awareness is needed via bandwidth-limited networks, including mobile satellite networks. AnsuR has developed ASMIRA to stream good quality video at rates down to 100 kbps, or even lower for streaming over satellite from UAVs and ships. With ASMIRA, the receiver of the data controls how the video is sent, and one can change parameters such as bit rate, framerate and resolution at any time.

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This project has indirectly received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program, via an Open Call issued and executed under project PARSEC (grant agreement No 824478)